I love birthdays.  I always have.  My mother always made them very special for my siblings and me. During childhood I looked forward more to my very special cake, baked by local baker Mrs. Hazen, than I did any of the presents I was ever going to get. 

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Spring Cooking

Ah, Spring.  The perfect time to start, or hopefully continue, enjoying all that the outdoors has to offer.  And what better time to start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our diets? 

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Follow the Recipe?

One of my favorite answers in the world is, “There is no right or wrong answer.”  So simple yet so liberating.  And a sense that you need to have in your kitchen. 

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Love. Food.

How many quotes about food have become part of our vernacular?  “Food is Love.” “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” And my very own quote, “If there’s no love in the food it won’t taste good.”  And I know this because I always use quality ingredients, my recipes are good, and I know what I’m doing.  Those three things together are the key to a yummy dish.  In addition to a little love.     

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