Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving.  The most food-centric holiday that we celebrate. The older I get the more I appreciate all of the efforts and traditions of my family.  And we are nothing if not traditionalists.  It’s pretty much the same menu every year with maybe one new recipe thrown in for fun.  I’m good with that.  And according to statistics so are most families.  It’s rare to find a new dish on a family’s Thanksgiving table.    

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Seasonal Cooking

Does seasonal cooking have any meaning in a time when you can procure almost everything at any time?   I believe that it does.  Stroudsburg, PA is geographically located in an area that experiences the seasons which means that people still want fresh corn in the summer and cranberries at Christmas.  Nothing is more frustrating than going to a restaurant that serves brussels sprouts or butternut squash in June.  I mean, that just doesn’t seem right, does it? 

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Traveling for Food

It doesn’t matter if I’m travelling for business or leisure, where I dine plays a huge part in my travel plans.  Food helps tell the story of the place you are visiting.  Sure there are museums, natural beauty, and other interesting things. But nothing gives you a better feel for the current culture of a place than the dining scene. 

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American Cuisine

What does it mean to love American cuisine and the culture it follows?  In my humble opinion, it means being able to enjoy a lot of really cool and interesting food.  We are very fortunate to live in a country that embraces the melting pot of food culture. Other countries have their own unique flavors but it is only here where they all come together so wonderfully. 

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Kara’s Kitchen

I’ve always said, if I could make a living throwing dinner parties I would all set.  As I stated last month, entertaining is something that just runs in our family. Having friends and family over for dinner is something that I absolutely love and have come to realize have become exceptionally good at.  And most recently I’ve found a way to share this love with my Stroudsburg Neighbors.  Starting in May, I began offering classes and dinners in subjects and cuisines I enjoy and feel people will be interested in. 

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One of my favorite extra-curricular activities in my adulthood is entertaining.  I absolutely love having friends over for dinner throughout the year. 

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